This Day In Classic Rock [Videos] 11/11

Elvis Presley played what would be his last show of the 50's tonight in 1957, a special Veteran's Day performance for troops stationed at the U.S. Army's Schofield Barracks on the Island of Oahu in Hawaii. Elvis himself was drafted into the Army a year later, and while he could have gone straight into the recruiting corps and landed a cushy posting like Hawaii, he chose to be "treated as any ordinary soldier", and went to a cold-war tank division in Germany, where he lived off-base in a comfy hotel, but bought new uniforms and color TV's for his Army buddies.


The Beatles were at Abbey Road today in 1965 for one last session on the Rubber Soul record. They'd thought they were done, but as it turns out were three songs short of a full album, so they dusted off a song they'd been working on called Wait, and did two new ones, Paul's You Won't See Me and John's Girl in just two takes. The album would be mixed, mastered, printed, and in stores by the first week of December. BTW, when Michael Jackson died the ownership of the early Beatles catalog went to Sony Music, who are making it increasingly difficult to share actual Beatle footage here, the rat bastards.


Jim Morrison was on his way to a Rolling Stones concert with his actor friend Tom Baker today in 1969, but he'd had more than a few cocktails on the plane ride, and the stewardesses complained to the pilot, who made an unscheduled landing in Phoenix, where the FBI boarded the plane and arrested him for drunk and disorderly conduct on board an aircraft, and Jim and his friend missed the Stones and spent the night in jail, and weren't released until the next day on $2500 bail.


The Allman Brothers Band bass player Berry Oakley died in a motorcycle crash today in 1972, one year and change and just three blocks away from the Macon Georgia spot where Duane Allman had done the same thing. Berry had been devastated by Duane's death, and had started drinking...a lot. He hit a bus, and was thrown from his bike, not wearing a helmet, and though he said he felt fine afterward and initially refused treatment, a few hours later it became clear he'd suffered a massive head injury, and doctors later said he wouldn't have survived even if he'd gone straight to the hospital. He was just 24.


The Cars released a 12-inch single of their song My Best Friend's Girlfriend today in 1978, with the artwork printed directly on to the vinyl, the first-ever commercially available "picture disc".


David Gilmore issued a press release through Pink Floyd's office today in 1986, stating that he and Nick Mason had every intention of continuing under the Pink Floyd name, even though Roger Waters had quit the band, and were, in fact, already working on a new album on Gilmore's houseboat/recording studio The Astoria, tied up on the banks of the Thames river.


The four original members of Black Sabbath announced their intention to reunite once more for a new album, to be followed by a tour today in 2011. Unfortunately for drummer Bill Ward, he took Ozzy Osbourne's statement during his lawsuit with Tony Iommi that all four original members should split everything equally the way they did in the beginning "like pirates", at face value and asked for a full 4th, which Ozzy's wife and the band's manager Sharon took as a cue that they needed a replacement drummer.


Rock and Roll Birthdays

Blues pianist Mose Allison would be 91 if he hadn't left us in 2016. He was a huge influence on, to name just a few, The Yardbirds, Jimi Hendrix,The Rolling Stones, Blue Cheer, The Clash, and especially The Who, who's cover of his Young Man Blues at Leeds University in 1970 was one of the high points of the greatest live rock album ever made.


The Tornados keyboard player Roger LaVern would be 80, he passed in 2013. The British band was the first to have a #1 hit in the U.S. with Telstar, the opening salvo of the British Invasion in 1962.


Vanilla Fudge guitarist Vince Martell is 73, and still dealing with the shame of having been at the Edgewater Inn for the famous Red Snapper incident, which is usually credited exclusively to Led Zeppelin, but they were opening for Vanilla Fudge, and they were there too.


The Yardbirds rhythm guitarist and occasional bass player Chris Dreja is 73.



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