Today's Show "Danny's Wife Hates Him"

Hour 1 Danny's Wife Hates Him

This hour includes Danny's story of the day about his new hairstyle and why Amy hates him. It also includes Sarah with the News, Entertainment and Sports!


Hour 2 Satanic Worshiping and other Interesting Phases Plus Special Guest Rick Jones

This hour includes a conversation with our listeners about weird phases like Amanda's boyfriend who is now attending a satanic temple. The 7:20 game E.L.O or E.L.NO! Special guest Rick Jones helps with free legal advice!! 1-800-Divorce if you missed your chance to talk to him on air!


Hour 3 Captivating Events and Special Guest Adam Levin CEO of High Times

This hour includes a call-in segment about captivating events like the Mars Rover. News With Sarah. An interview with the CEO of High Times, Adam Levin. Sarah wraps up the show with Entertainment and Sports. 



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