This Day In Classic Rock [Videos] 11/27

Neil Christian and the Crusaders played a show at the Holloway Women's Prison in London today in 1961, which would be otherwise un-notable except for the remarkable prescience of many of the inmates, who gussied-up their issued prison dresses and donned "mascara" made from burnt matches, wanting to impress and seeing future greatness in the band's guitarist, Jimmy Page.


The Beatles played their first BBC session at their studios on Regent street in London today in 1962, busting out P.S. I Love You, Twist and Shout, and Love Me Do. These are some of the the best recordings of the band live, they'd do more of them before they quit in 1965, and Apple Corps released another, and presumably final group of BBC recordings earlier this month, just in time for holiday gifting.


Another Elvis Presley rock and roll movie, Fun In Acapulco, premiered tonight in 1963. His co-star was the Bond girl from Dr. No of the year before, shagadelic actress Ursula Andress. Mary Tyler Moore later revealed that Elvis had "hooked up" with every female co-star in every one of his movies save one: Her, his female lead in his last film A Change of Habit, in which she played...a Nun. "What was I thinking? I could have slept with Elvis!" she said. Some exterior shots were filmed in the Mexican resort city, but all of The King's were done in Hollywood. Elvis never visited Acapulco in his lifetime.


Mick Jagger was in court in London today in 1964, but not for drugs. That would come later. This was a simple speeding ticket, but as he was a Rolling Stone and the scourge of polite British society, he thought it best to bring along an attorney, or solicitor as they call them, who told the frowning judge, "The Duke of Marlborough had longer hair than my client, and he won some famous battles (for England). His hair was powdered, I think because of fleas. My client has no fleas". Mick was fined £16.


The "A" of A&M Records, trumpeter Herb Alpert, was at number one on the U.S. album charts today in 1965 with his biggest hit record, and one of the most iconic album covers of all time: Whipped Cream and Other Delights. It featured a beautiful girl seated, holding a rose, and wearing a chiffon dress made of whipped cream. The model, Delores Erickson, was 3 months pregnant at the time, a fact easily hidden by the "dress". She now lives in Longview, WA. The cover was famously parodied by the Minneapolis band Soul Asylum for their 1989 album on A&M label, Clam Dip and Other Delights, which featured the band's bass player Karl Mueller wearing a chiffon dress made of whipped cream, paint, sour cream, and seafood.


Jimi Hendrix spent his 25th birthday in Belfast, Northern Ireland tonight in 1967 as the headliner on a "package tour" with opening acts The Pink Floyd, The Move, The Nice, The Outer Limits, Amen Corner, and Irish band The Eire Apparent. The promoters presented Jimi with a birthday cake at the end of the two shows, not knowing that it would be the only time he would ever set foot on Irish soil.


George Harrison released his solo triple-album All Things Must Pass today in 1970. It included songs earlier rejected by The Beatles, and featured guest appearances by his friends Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton, Gary Wright, Klaus Voorman, Jim Gordon, Billy Preston, Bobby Keys (Rolling Stones sax player and Keith Richard's best friend), Alan White, all of Badfinger, Ginger Baker, Procul Harum's Gary Brooker, Phil Collins, and many more.


Black Sabbath played in Asbury Park New Jersey tonight in 1970, with opening acts Cactus and local band Steel Mill, featuring frontman Bruce Springsteen.


The British Phonographic industry took out ads in all major music publications today in 1981, backed by Elton John, 10cc, and The Boomtown Rats with the catch phrase later picked up in America that "Home taping is killing music!", but as we later learned the advent of the computer and the Interwebs did a much more thorough job of cutting into their profits than cassettes ever did.


The funeral of Queen frontman Freddy Mercury (real name Farrokh Bulsara) was today in 1991 at a church in West London. Surprisingly few famous people were included in the small private ceremony attended by 35 invited guests: His Queen bandmates and Elton John, and the ceremony was conducted by a priest of the ancient Iranian (Freddy was of Iranian descent) Zoroastrian religion.


Über-rich defense contractor David Brooks spent $10 million on his daughters Bat Mitzvah party at New York City's Rainbow Rooms tonight in 2005, which included hall rental and catering, private jets to fly guests in and out from around the world, his daughter's favorite performer rapper 50 Cent, and some of his own favorites Tom Petty, Aerosmith, Joe Walsh, Stevie Nicks, and the politically active Don Henley, who if he noticed the hypocrisy of playing for one of what George W. Bush had called the "have and have mores", took the money and didn't say anything about it.


 Rock and Roll Birthdays

Booker T. and the M.G.'s and Stax Records drummer Al Jackson Jr. would be 83 if he hadn't been shot in a home-invasion robbery at age 39.


Seattle born and raised James (Jimi) Marshall Hendrix, perhaps the greatest guitarist to ever play the instrument, would be 76. He is perhaps the most famous member of what Kurt Cobain's mom would later call "that stupid club" of rock stars dead at age 27.


Supertramp sax player Dave Winthrop is 74.



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