Sarah's beer of the Week 10.18.18

As the weather cools, my desire for dark beers heats up.  IPA is so big in WA, that sometimes I have a hard time finding something interesting that isn't hoppy.  One of our KZOK listeners brought be a big can of dark beer from Elk Head Brewing in Buckley.  They are a smaller brewery South Sound, and I don't get to that area much, so this was a nice treat.  Elk Head ESP was the name, and it is a porter.  It has all the stuff you want in a porter, rich strong flavors and a nice body.  This one is chocolaty and not bitter with a nice finish.  It looks like Elk Head has a really cool tap room with a Rainier view.  I'll have to make the trek one of these days.  I like these guys!


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