Sarah's Beer of the Week 09.27.18

Have you ever been to a brewery that only serves ONE beer?!  Neither had I...until now.  A trip to Winnipeg took us to Little Brown Jug.  There are several breweries in Winnipeg, but we figured, if you only brew one beer, it must be really darn good beer.  Plus, we liked the look of it.  Little Brown Jug makes...1919 Belgian Pale.  And guess what.  It is amazing.  It's malty, it has the funk of a Belgian.  It has some hoppy notes without being bitter.  There is some spice.  A really dang delicious beer.  The room is very modern, huge high windows.  A cute little beer garden.  Industrial, clean lines and bright.  We made a good choice.  If you find yourself in Winnipeg stop in.  And if you find yourself in another random city, give their local brewery a try.  I'm rarely disappointed!


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