This Day In Classic Rock [Videos] 8/27

The Beatles were enjoying a break in their tour in Hollywood today in 1965. They stopped by a recording studio and hung out with The Byrds for a while, then went at his invitation, to their idol Elvis Presley's Beverly Hills mansion for an awkward meeting where they decided the King was anything but "magnetic" personality-wise. "Where was Elvis?" John later said, "That was like meeting Englebert Humperdink."

The Beatles manager Brian Epstein was found dead at age 32, locked in his bedroom at home in London today in 1967, overdosed on sleeping pills mixed with alcohol. The band was in India meeting with the Maharisihi Mahesh Yogi, who told them that being within the realm of the physical world, Epstein's death was not important. A show that night at Epstein's Seville Theater with Jimi Hendrix that night was cancelled. None of the Beatles attended his funeral, hoping to avoid media attention. Paul McCartney later said "If anyone was a 'Fifth Beatle' it was Brian".

Stevie Ray Vaughn finished playing a show tonight in 1990 at the Alpine Valley Music Theater in East Troy Wisconsin with Eric Clapton and Robert Cray. After the show the entire entourage boarded four helicopters for a quick trip to Chicago, but the third helicopter was flying at 850 feet in the fog when it hit a 1000 foot man-made ski hill, killing Stevie, three members of Clapton's crew, and the pilot.

Seattle's Pearl Jam released their debut album 10 today in 1991...10 was a transitional name, being the jersey number of bass player and NBA fanatic Jeff Ament's favorite player....then New Jersey Net Mookie Blaylock, for whom the band was named before they changed it to Pearl Jam, which, never mind. 10 would be the bands biggest seller, shipping over 13 million copies.

Rock and Roll Birthdays

The Sex Pistols original bass player Glenn Matlock is 62, long rumored to have been booted from the band in favor of Sid Vicious because he liked the Beatles, although that rumor turns out to not be true, Glenn later said he quit because he was sick of all the Bull****.

Rush guitar player Alex Lifeson is 65, real name Alexander Zivojinovic, which translated from his parent's native Serbian means "Son Of Life", which he turned into "Lifeson"....use that in your garden variety Rush trivia contests to win tickets as Bubbles did in the Trailer Park Boys episode Closer to the Heart, in which Alex (playing himself) is kidnapped by Ricky from his hotel room (#2112) so the boys can get Rush tickets from him. Alex was born in the sleepy little ski town of Fernie, B.C.

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