One of Aerosmith's Most Famous Tunes was inspired by Barbra Streisand

According to The Boston Globe  Aerosmith's hit song "I Dont Want To Miss a Thing" was inspired by the one and only Barbara Streisand.

" I Don't Want To Miss A Thing"  was written by songwriter Diane Warren who also wrote many other famous tunes such as

"Nothings Going To Stop Us Now" by Starship

"Because You Loved Me" Celine Dion 

" Music Of My Heart" Gloria Estefan and N'sync

and many many others! 

Diane Warren stated in a recent interview that she was inspired by an interview she saw that Barbra Streisand gave to 20/20 in 1997 about her relationship with her Fiance at the time Actor James Brolin.

You can read more about it HERE



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