Sarah's beer of the Week 08.02.18

Today is National IPA day. Guess I must drink one to celebrate. Like I need an excuse to drink a delicious IPA.  I was made aware of this delightful celebration by my friends at Elysian Brewing.  They always have something fun up their sleeve and today is no exception.  They just finished brewing Space Dust IPA and brought some over.  FRESH IPA.  This girls dream.  I have had Space Dust plenty of times, yet this one was really special.  Trust me, you don't want all your beer aged.  This isn't the 1800's.  Leave the aging to the Sours, Saisons and barrel conditioned.  Most IPA's are best consumed fresh, a Space Dust is an outstanding brew.

Elysian is also honoring National IPA day by rolling out the Space Dust in cans.  LOVE IT.  I am a big fan of canned beer.  Means I can have even more of it stocked in my fridge.  Or in my backpack for an easy transport to the beach.  Day Fresh IPA is only available today, since they canned it this morning.  But trust me.  This beer will taste phenomenal tomorrow too.  And the day get it.  Visit Tangletown or Cap Hill for the day fresh or grab some to go for enjoyment later.  Cheers my friends, and happy IPA DAY!

Delicious IPA
IPA for breakfast?  Only on IPA Day!


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