Sarah's Beer of the Week 07.26.18

In Belltown there is a newish joint called No Anchor.  I've walked by it a dozen times, and for some reason, always thought it was a cocktail bar.  Maybe because Belltown has dozens of them.  My friend Chastity suggested we meet there for beers.  Beers?  OK...they must have a beer or two at a cocktail bar.  Lo and behold, No Anchor is a beer bar!  They have a ton of taps, and a nice selection of bottles too.  They had a lot from Holy Mountain, which is always a good sign.  They have beers from Europe...on tap!  For those of you who don't drink beer, yes they have cocktails.  But my aim was beer.  I had a few, including a ridiculous pale from Holy Mountain.  Mosaic Extra Pale was SO flipping good.  I also had an Amber from Heater Allen.  Who? I was told it's a brewery in McMinnville Oregon.  I'd never heard of the place or the brewery.  I'm hoping to see more of them, because this was a really good beer.  Hop forward Amber is my jam lately.  Heater Allen looks to be brewing in a way many are not these days, and I'd suggest seeking them out.  They are doing European styles which are delightful.  If you pass by No Anchor and are craving a beer, you'll find something great here.  Something for every taste.      


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