Sarah's Beer of the Week 08.09.18

Parlez vous Francais?  No?  That's ok, turns out my beer this week, from Bruery Terreux is actually made in California.  When I saw the bottle, I was convinced it was French, or Belgian.  Nope, they are from Cali and make Flemish style beer.  I was wrong on all accounts.  The beer I tried is called Oude Tart.  It's a Flemish Style red Ale aged in wine barrels.  This is a flavor bomb of a beer.  I don't drink a lot of sours, because they make my face pucker and my mouth hate me.  Someone brought this one over to share at a BBQ and I will say I was pleasantly surprised.  It's not someone you want a giant glass of...but it pairs really nicely with food.  It's a sipper, and as I said, it's a flavor bomb.  Yes it's tart, but it didn't make my face turn into a prune like some other sours do.  If this style intrigues you, I'd buy the big bottle and share with some friends over a nice meal.  Or as an after meal treat by the fire pit.  not for the faint of heart!  


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