Sarah's Beer of the Week 06.28.18

So many beers, so little time.  When I first started my beer blog, many MANY moons ago, I thought...what if I run out of beers to try?  What if I go to the store and I've had EVERYTHING?  Who was I to know that the craft beer scene would explode to this level.  I am in awe, amazed, flabbergasted, each time I go to the store.  There is always something new.  A brewer I don't know.  A style that's new from a brewer I know.  A style I don't know from a brewer I know.  It's seemingly endless.  And I love it.  Now, all that being said.  Sometimes, all you want is something simple.  Something that you know.  Something crisp and refreshing.  And you know what I think?  Nothing wrong with that.  There is nothing wrong with cracking a can of Rainier Beer on a hot summer day and loving it.  There is nothing wrong with wanting something you probably had for the first time in High School and still like it.  Summer is here my friends, drink craft, drink old reliable, just enjoy and be you.  (Special thanks to Paul's daughter Jellybean for my special head wear for this blog)


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