Van Halen "Breaking The Band" Documentary Will Air On Sunday June 17th

Van Halen, 2015, Las Vegas, Getty Images

 Reelz TV Network's docu-series "Breaking The Band" will feature Van Halen with something for those who like either, or both incarnations of the band.

The show's press release says the special will cover the band from its days where they were "infamous for their excess and raucous live performances" through both breakups.

Both ex-bassist Michael Anthony and former frontman Sammy Hagar have given interviews for the episode.

Anthony, who said he found out about his firing the same way the world did ("in the press"), said on his Instagram that the documentary "brought up many great memories," while Hagar has given his approval saying, "Feels like a good doc so far."

The Episode will air on the following days and times:

 Sunday June 17th 7pm PT

 Monday June 18th 9pm PT 

Thursday June 21st 5pm PT

Thursday June 21st  8pm PT



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