Sarah's Beer of the Week 06.21.18

Postdoc Brewing is based out of Redmond.  According to their website, the name comes from his home brew hobby while he was working on his PhD in Biochemistry.  Well, it turns out brewer Tom Schmidlin is a great brewer in addition to being a smarty McSmartypants.  Postdoc is brewing a nice variety of beers, Gose, IPA, Porter, Blonde and more.  My friend Kelli gave me a can of Pop Quiz #8.  According to the brewery, it's made with spelt, Mosaic, and Idaho hops.  I don't recall having a beer brewed with spelt before.  I can't even say if the 'spelt flavor' comes through, since I don't recall ever eating spelt!  I found this IPA to be very delicious.  Slightly lower carbonation, and very juicy.  A nice flavor bomb.  Nice, strong hop flavor comes through.  I don't spend a ton of time in Redmond, but I'm def interested in checking out more of their beers.  Cheers!


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