Sarah's Beer of the Week 06.14.18

  • This weeks brew comes from Boneyard Brewing in Bend.  I didn't drink it it OR, rather The Westy in Roosevelt.  The Westy is a sports bar, with two locations.  They have a LOT of TVs.  They also have a LOT of great beer.  They had a lot of IPA's on tap, but for some reason I've been craving ambers and reds lately.  Heck, last week I actually a Corona while sitting in the sunshine.  Seeing Boneyard Diablo Rojo on the menu was a pleasant surprise.  This is a really nice, rich amber, with some hop balance.  I like having some hops, but some malt is what has been working for me lately.  Diablo Rojo isn't overly malty, it's very smooth and easy drinking.  The Westy is a fun spot, and this beer was very tasty.  I don't see Boneyard much, but they make darned good beer.


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