New Rock And Classic Reissues Coming Out 5/24/2018

There are a ton of great releases coming out this week, make sure to tune in every Thursday at 9am to The Danny Bonaduce and Sarah Morning Show to catch Tori's Tunes, reviewing the latest and greatest music coming to a turntable near you...

The Beatles, Four Complete Ed Sullivan Shows Starring the Beatles (DVD)

Elvis Presley, Just Elvis: All His Ed Sullivan Show Performances (DVD)

Jethro Tull, 50 for 50; 50th Anniversary Hits

Don Airey [Deep Purple], One of a Kind (vinyl reissue)

Other Releases:

Chrissie Hynde, Alone With Chrissie Hynde (DVD)

Jonathan Davis [Korn], Black Labyrinth

The Smithereens, Covers

Spock’s Beard, Noise Floor

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