Sarah's Beer of the Week 05.24.18

Sometimes you just crave a burger.  When Matt declared his craving I suggested we head to Lunchbox Laboratory.  Burgers are what they do, and also have a nice selection of draft beers.  I ordered a Boundary Bay Scotch Ale.  I've had some great beers from Boundary Bay Brewing over the years, but don't recall having the Scotch.  This is a nice departure for me, since I drink a lot of very hoppy bear.  This is a malt forward beer, that has notes of caramel and toffee.  There are a lot of rich, complex flavors going on.  It's a little sweet, but not overly so.  It's a nice big beer, that was great accompaniment to my fried pickles (personal obsession).   Lunchbox Laboratory is a fun place to eat, and Boundary Bay continues to make stellar brews.


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