Wine, in a Keg? You're Not Dreaming it's Real!

Ever go into the store and think, "A bottle of wine just isn't enough"? Well, you're not the only one, and now there's a solution. Bridge Lane Wine in Long Island, New York has created Wine Kegs. 

Yes, entire kegs of wine. There are 5 wine keg options; chardonnay, rosé, white merlot, sauvignon blanc, or a red blend. The kegs are each 19.5 liters, which translates to about 26 bottles. They will cost you $240 and weigh just under 50 pounds! 

According to The Bridge Lane Website,  "Bridge Lane kegs keep up to 6 months unopened. Once tapped/opened: 2 days with a kegtap, 2 months in a kegerator with a gas line attached (G-mix highly recommended for best results). Chill your keg at least 3 hours before using." 

I feel like these kegs are perfect for your next bonfire on the beach or backyard BBQ. What do you think, is wine in a keg a smart choice or will you be sticking to bottles? 

You can purchase a wine keg HERE

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