Listen to the Jazz Version of Metallica's "Master of Puppets"


One of Metallica's most epic and influential songs holds up to the bebop treatment!

"Master of Puppets," from the album of the same name, is one of the most important songs in heavy metal history. Sure, "Enter Sandman" broke Metallica worldwide, making them one of the biggest bands in rock and roll history.

But "Master of Puppets," released in 1986, inspired generations of metal and hard rock bands to be more technically proficient on their instruments and to attempt more complex arrangements, pulling from a deeper pool of influences from classic rock to classical.

In short, "Master of Puppets" is an incredibly well-crafted song. YouTuber Andy Rehfeldt underscores the song's brilliance be rearranging it as a jazz tune!

You can hear Rehfeldt's audio over video of a live version of the song above.

One of the most impressive things about Rehfeldt's arrangement is how he ensured that the audio matched the video. When Lars Ulrich hits his crash cymbal or rolls on the snare, Rehfeldt does the same.

The audio also includes Hetfield's voice from the  studio recording of the song. 

"Master of Puppets" isn't the first time Rehfeldt has tackled Metallica. He also did a "smooth jazz" version of "Enter Sandman" in 2010. That video has nearly 7.5 million views! Check it out below.

Photo: Getty Images



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