Sarah's Beer of the Week 03.29.18

Juicy is not a word you'd expect to associate with beer.  But as a good hophead knows, it now is.  This usually means it isn't 'dry' and has a thicker mouthfeel.  Seems like IPA's that are called 'juicy' tend to be full of big bold flavors.  'Juicy' can also mean it has actual juice in it, like essence of blood orange or grapefruit.  A friend brought over Silver City Brewery Juicy Denali Wet Hop IPA.  This is one of their limited edition brews, and it is scrumpdidalicious.  There is def juice going on here.  grapefruit, pineapple, citrus...but don't think mimosa.  You're still getting lovely hops and IPA greatness.  This is a full bodied beer, that is really fun to drink.  Jam packed with flavors.  I'm a big fan of Silver City's beers and taprooms.  Is it bad to say I haven't met a Silver City I didn't like?  Give them a try, I'm sure you'll feel the same.


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