Friday Favorites 3/23/18


80's punk/alt legends, The Replacements are kicking us off with their classic, Bastards of Young off their first major label release, Tim. This song is just good ol' real and raw rock 'n' roll a perfect way to set the tone of the night... it might get a little rowdy, you never knew what you were going to get with these guys... Look at that hair!  


Who doesn't love a little Custard Pie? I'll leave it to Led to spice up the evening with Page's slinky riff's and Robert's malevolent wails. Make sure to turn this one up to eleven. This song is off their infamous double LP Physical Graffiti.. they'll have us partying like it's 1975! ...Where's the Jack at??


Nothing get's me more excited than a little 80's goth... Robert Smith could take me to Fascination Street any day of the week. This song is one of my favorites off of their classic 1989 LP Disintegration.


And a little something for the end of the night... or should I say... In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning. We'll have Ol' Blue Eyes serenading us into a peaceful slumber. This song is the epitome of tranquility. Happy Friday, vinyl lovers! :) 



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