Chad Smith lives up to the Red Hot Chili Pepper Name #ALSpepperchallenge

People have been known to do some pretty crazy stuff for awareness and funding for many different illnesses/diseases. From staying up all night for Breast Cancer to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge a few years back, some take social media by storm and others fall a little short. 

The newest challenge sweeping social media has picked up speed in the rock world now that Red Hot Chili Pepper Chad Smith has participated in the #ALSpepperchallenge.  Chad Smith nominated fellow Rocker Mike McCready and Comedian Will Ferrell. 

The ALS Pepper Challenge was started to help raise awareness and funds for Research at the ALS Therapy Development Institute. You can donate HERE without having to participate in the Pepper Challenge if you can't handle the extra spice :) 

Who would you nominate? Danny Bonaduce is a pretty big fan of all things spicy will he be next?

-Amanda J



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