They're All Bold As Love


When it comes to truly soulful, rockin' music nobody does it quite like our hometown boy, Mr. James Marshall Hendrix.. His gritty fluttering riffs take us away to a psychedelic spiral of color. Today we're sitting back and enjoying the incendiary beauty of one of his GREATEST classics, his second studio album Axis: Bold As Love (1967). This record is a gem, its use of stereo will have you tripping out without dropping a damn thing but a needle to wax. It includes stellar well known tracks like his iconic Little Wing, Castles Made of Sand and If 6 was 9. 

BUT as always, I'm going to recommend a few deeper tracks that need not be forgotten... There is so much more to Hendrix than Voodoo Chile and Purple Haze. (Although marvelous songs.) 

One of the most beautiful and underrated tracks in his catalogue is One Rainy Wish. Why it didn't hit the top of the charts beats me... it starts off slow and dreamlike and then drops off as Jimi takes it up a level and strums our hearts with arpeggios and cutting vocals. This song IS eloquence. 


Little Miss Lover is truly one of the most sexiest tunes. The wah wah sound from the main riff is the total iconic Hendrix sound. Given its extremely hard to find any Hendrix recordings online here is a live bootleg from 69' It's definitely hard to hear so listen close, you can get the idea of the song but it's far from the original recording. This album is really a must for every collection so I recommend finding the nearest record store and picking up a copy to get the full effect of this INCREDIBLE song. 


Here is a rad clip delving into the development of the ending and title track Bold As Love. This jam is killer, and just as you think it's going to end Jimi comes in and just wails... 

Towering in shiny metallic purple armour

Queen Jealousy, envy waits behind him


Although Jimi's time with us was brief, he paved the road for our iconic 70's rock 'n' roll gods... I often wonder what great music we missed out on, but I'm so thankful there was any music at all.

If I don't meet you no more in this world, 

I'll meet you in the next one,

And don't be late

Don't be late.


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