Metallica Teases a World Tour PLUS receiving the Polar Music Prize

Metallica has been very busy over the last couple years, proving to everyone rock music is anything but dead. Including the newest social media tease of a Worldwide tour that may include Spokane Washington and Portland Oregon! (No Seattle rumors yet, but if we here anything we will keep you informed)  Mentions of the Portland and Spokane Shows can been seen here

Metallica didn't win a Grammy this year but that did't stop them from getting what some would call the Nobel Prize of Music Awards. 

June the 14th Metallica will be awarded the 2018 Polar Music Prize in Stockholm, Sweden. The band will not only receive this prestigious award but they will receive one million Swedish Kronor prize money (about $125,000) Which they have already stated will be going to Metallica's foundation, All Within My Hands Foundation which according to their website " is dedicated to creating sustainable communities by supporting workforce education, the fight against hunger, and other critical local services" 

 Metallica really is doing good things with their fame.  A year or so ago I knew they were quality people when they heard about a Washington state Metallica tribute band (Blistered Earth) whose instruments were stolen after a show and Metallica replaced all of their equipment. (you can read about that HERE)

Metallica has been releasing professional videos from their tour and the following version of "Atlas, Rise!" is the newest video released! With all the buzz about Metallica as of late might as well share their newest live video as well :) 


Amanda J

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