Just a Taste of Jimi Hendrix's 'Both Sides Of the Sky'

The Estate of Jimi Hendrix has the next installment of archive audio ready for release on March the 9th.

Titled "Both Sides of the Sky" it features the following tracks!

  1.  Mannish Boy
  2. Lover Mann
  3. Hear My Train Comming
  4.  Stepping Stone
  5.  $20 Fine ( Featuring Stephen Stills)
  6.  Power Of Soul
  7.  Jungle
  8.  Things I used to do ( Featuring Johnny Winter)
  9.  Georgia Blues (Featuring Lonnie Youngblood)
  10.  Sweet Angel
  11.  Woodstock ( Featuring Stephen Stills)
  12.  Send my love to Linda
  13.  Cherokee Mist

You can Pre-order it on many platforms and formats (including purple vinyl) all of which can be found HERE!

The singles below have been released for us to snack on while we wait for the record to drop!


-Amanda J

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