Sarah's Beer of the Week 02.22.18

This week I stopped in Cloudburst, a brewery a few blocks from Pike Place Market.  This brewery is very low key, very industrial, and on the smaller side.  They brew a wide variety of styles, and the list does change.  They have several IPA's, Saison's, stouts and more.  I went for the Positive Reinforcement Pale Ale.  It pours very hazy, and has a nice aroma.  There must be some Citra hops in here, which is one of my favorites.  I found this brew to be smooth, refreshing and full of the hop flavor I often crave.  If you're looking for a good beer, in an unassuming brewery, you'll find it here.  I've seen their beers in several locations, including one of my favorite beer bars Teku Tavern.  Give them a shot!  Or a pint.


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