Friday Favorites 2/9/18


Dare I say "grunge" super group, Mad Season kicks us off with the hard hitting I Don't Know Anything. This group features Layne Staley (AIC), Mike McCready (Pearl Jam) and Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees.) An incredible album over all, this was the one and only record produced by the group. At the time Staley was in the depths of his drug abuse and everything finally dissolved with the death of bassist, John Baker Saunders. This record is a Seattle 90's classic and a must for any rock 'n' roller... 


Nothing like the Stooges to get you ready for a night of shenanigans. The simplicity of punk is what makes it so brilliant... it gets to the point quickly and effortlessly. Songs like Little Doll aren't meant to be deep lyrically or musically complicated, it's a feel good killer jam that makes you want to move.. C'mon shake! 


She's sweet and sassy... Miss Debbie Harry will warm up your winter blues with this tune off of their classic album Parallel Lines. A little Blondie always does the trick when getting us into an cheeky mood! We're also supposed to see the skies clearing this weekend which coincides quite nicely. Long live innocence! 


Find yourself back in the days of CBGB and Max's with this kick ass Dead Boys jam. It's loud, it's raw and oh so real... This song captures everything that scene represented. Probably one of my favorite of all time and an insanely rad record. You've got to check out Young, Loud and Snotty! Just make sure to wash hands thoroughly after using the bathrooms. 


...and to cap it off a little Lou to wind us down. This song is a perfect way to end the night. The last track on side B of the Loaded Velvet Underground record. Released in November of 1970, it was Reed's last commercial record with the band. 



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